See what members are saying about how PXP helped them meet their triathlon goals!

"I have had a history of training for an Olympic triathlon but always got hurt and couldn't compete.  Paul was able to help me complete my first 70.3 injury free."

"I was afraid of the water.  I couldn't even swim the length of a 25 yard pool without having to stop and catch my breath.  I completed my first 1.2 mile swim in open water in less than 6 months and felt comfortable."

"In tackling my first full distance IronMan this summer, Paul compiled a comprehensive training plan that included: off-season strength training, pre-season build, race specific training, and taper.  The periodization of the year allowed me to compartmentalize my training and see the accomplishments of each period's goals.  Having access to my workouts on my iOS devices allowed me to quickly reference daily workouts on the go, as well as track by week/month, etc to look at my progress and gains."

"I had never done a triathlon before deciding to take on a 70.3 distance race.  I was nervous that I couldn't do it and that I wouldn't be able to handle the training.  Through the pre-season build and then the actual training plan I started to gain more and more confidence.  The day of the race came and I was no longer nervous! I knew I was prepared to have a great race because of the coaching and work I had put in."

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"PXP allowed me to create a comprehensive training program tailored to meet my individual goals.  Due to job and travel demands, as well as a young and growing family, I needed to have a dynamic training schedule and coach that would allow me to shift workouts to maintain a consistent and productive routine."