"I loved the community on Facebook, and thought the opportunities to get together with the group were great"

"It really was MY GOALS and MY Success!!"

"This is an extremely good value for the money. Absolutely, without a doubt, the biggest bang for your buck when preparing for a triathlon"

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See what members are saying about their experience with PXP Endurance and Coach Plummer.

"There were two critical components to my race this year; to not cause further injury and to be faster. One would say that these two goals typically don't align. The best thing about working with Paul was that he understood my goals, put a plan together to help me support them and pushed me to get there. Not letting me settle for mediocre workouts when he knew I could do more and using my competitive nature to motivate me but also constantly keeping in check with how my body was feeling"

"I liked the team and group workouts"

"Having a solid training plan was instrumental in getting to the finish line. I always felt I was in good hands and the experience and guidance provided was phenomenal."

"The return on investment was extremely good.  Paul is the perfect coach for the dollar. NOTHING could beat it"

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"Paul has been a great resource and has a wealth of knowledge"

"I wanted to take my performance to a new level this season, and nutrition was a particular area that I had never addressed.  The resources available through PXP allowed me to dial-in on my specific sweat rate and sodium content ratios which are critical in full IronMan distance racing.  I would not have been as effective, or efficient in training or on race day were it not for having this comprehensive nutrition plan."