Running (Gait) Analysis

The Functional Movement Screen is an evaluation of dynamic movements to identify inefficient or faulty movement patterns.  Correcting these inefficient movement patterns can reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.

FMS testing can be administered quickly and easily to identify improper movement patterns, which can then be addressed by using corrective exercises to restore proper movement.

In addition to the FMS each person is given a thorough joint by joint assessment to deeper identify any hidden flexibility or strength concerns.

Cost is $125 for Non Members (Free as part of your PXP Endurance Membership)

To Schedule your FMS and Joint by Joint Assessment call Paul at 812-208-2318.

Lactate Threshold Testing

What Run Pace and Heart Rate should you be training at for optimum performance?  When training for your races, knowing your Heart Rate and Run Pace zones are critical to optimizing your performance.

The Lactate Threshold is a useful measure for deciding exercise intensity for training and racing in endurance sports, but varies between individuals and can be increased with training.

How does it work?  You will run on a treadmill with gradually increasing pace and intensity.  Your Blood Lactate will be measured throughout the run revealing your Lactate Threshold Pace and Heart Rate. 

These numbers along with a few others that are collected during the testing will show the proper Pace and Heart Rate Ranges you should be targeting to best train for your race.

You will receive a detailed explanation of your Lactate Threshold and targeted zones for proper training.

Cost is $125. 

Contact Paul at 812-208-2318 to schedule your Lactate Threshold Test today.

Are you running efficiently?  Do you have proper running form?

After a detailed inventory of your running history, you will be observed and videoed while running on a treadmill.  You will be given a detailed explanation of your running form and if needed, exercises and drills to improve your running gait.

Searching for the cause of a chronic injury or simply a way to improve your run, a gait analysis may be the most accurate way to pinpoint inefficiencies and weaknesses in running form that could be hindering your performance.

Cost is $75 for the approx. hour long evaluation and detailed review.

To Schedule your Running Gait Analysis call Paul at 812-208-2318.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)