PXP Endurance's Guiding Principles:

Training Plans Should be Tailored to the Individual

  • Everyone has their own goals
  • Running and triathlons require that you train the 3 primary energy systems
  • Plans are tailored to your schedule and availability

Training Should Reduce Injury Risk

  • All PXP Members are screened using an FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to assess deficiencies and imbalances
  • Workouts will increase in both volume and intensity
  • Progression through your training plan will be determined based on your body response to workouts
  • To prevent injury you will initially focus on technique and form, not volume

Training Should be Fun

  • You are choosing to do this, have fun while working hard
  • Accountability of PXP group members is essential to your success
  • Training with other like-minded individuals makes it more enjoyable
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Coach Paul Plummer believes anything is possible and his energy, skill and attitude propel athletes to achieve their dreams.

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